cultured cells

cultured cells


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  • cultured cell — A human, plant, or animal cell that has been adapted to grow in the laboratory. Cultured cells may be used to diagnose infections, to test new drugs, and in research …   English dictionary of cancer terms

  • Cultured neural networks — refer to groups of interconnected nerve cells living in vitro . Such networks have been shown to be histiotypic; they exhibit physiological, pharmacological, and electrical properties similar to the brain tissue they came from. [… …   Wikipedia

  • cultured cell line — Cells of a single type (human, animal, or plant) that have been adapted to grow continuously in the laboratory and are used in research …   English dictionary of cancer terms

  • Cultured neuronal network — A cultured neuronal network is a cell culture of neurons that is used as a model to study the central nervous system, especially the brain. Often, cultured neuronal networks are connected to an input/output device such as a multi electrode array… …   Wikipedia

  • HeLa cells — cells of the first continuously cultured carcinoma strain, descended from a human cervical carcinoma; used in the study of life processes, including viruses, at the cell level …   Medical dictionary

  • Raji cells — cells from a cultured human lymphoblastoid cell line, derived from a patient with Burkitt lymphoma, that have receptors for the C1q, C3b, and C3d complement components and can be used for detection of immune complexes …   Medical dictionary

  • autologous cells — Cells taken from an individual, cultured (or stored), and, possibly, genetically manipulated before being transferred back into the original donor …   Glossary of Biotechnology

  • 3T3 cells — NIH/3T3 Fibroblasts in cell culture 3T3 cells come from a cell line established in 1962 by two scientists then at the Department of Pathology in the New York University School of Medicine, George Todaro and Howard Green. The 3T3 cell line has… …   Wikipedia

  • Saos-2 cells — Saos 2 (sarcoma osteogenic) are a non transformed cell line derived from the primary osteosarcoma of an 11 year old Caucasian girl (since identified as Alice) in 1973 by Fogh et al. [ Fogh J, Fogh JM, Orfeo T (1977) One hundred and twenty seven… …   Wikipedia

  • Life Sciences — ▪ 2009 Introduction Zoology       In 2008 several zoological studies provided new insights into how species life history traits (such as the timing of reproduction or the length of life of adult individuals) are derived in part as responses to… …   Universalium

  • Cell culture — in a Petri dish Epithelial cells in culture, stained for keratin (red) an …   Wikipedia

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